Who We Are

Red7 Creative is a full-service advertising agency with a work ethic you won’t find at big shops.
We are big agency talent without the big agency price tag, and as your marketing partner we integrate ourselves into your day-to-day business. Our team is equipped with strategic minds getting you the most for your money when it comes to creative and media buying.

Originally, this agency was started in 2009 as a production house to give local, tier-3, advertisers the advantage of having tier-1 style marketing and production. We’ve kept that creative foundation and built a media buying presence which offers forward, tactical thinking on getting your brand
wherever it needs to be. Whether that be broadcast, print, digital, design, direct, or new
and emerging media.


What We Do

We can't really disclose our secret recipe, but will give you a taste. Our focus starts with identifying your brand, then developing the brand and finally communicating the brand. Whether you’re screaming or whispering, we know that communicating the benefit is what drives customers into your store.

We also know that clients deserve better. Red7 Creative is like no other agency, and we’ve been different from the start. We’ve structured our business model and assembled talent based on the simple premise that we want to give our clients better work. Red7 Creative is a company that exists to serve clients, shape brands, and grow business.


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We Create Big Ideas

We know media budgets only go so far, whereas, great creative has endless reach. Before we give birth to any big idea, we research and strategize consumer benefits and objections. We relish the idea of striking down objections with extraordinary creative while presenting your brand benefits.


How We Think

There is no success without strategy.

Budget Responsive

Advertising shouldn’t be viewed as a cost, it’s an investment. You should expect a return on your investment, and we deliver with creative campaigns that stop consumers in their tracks.

Custom Campaigns

Red7 doesn’t cookie-cut ad campaigns to make life easier. We identify the consumer’s problem specific to each client and create an advertising strategy specifically targeted to their consumer.

Strategy Focused

It’s not just a catchy headline or an unbelievable hook. It’s a strategic plan that makes advertising work. With today’s technology, Red7 can work within any budget to create you a successful ad campaign.

All Media

Red7 works with the entire spectrum when it comes to media. From television to social media, we create campaigns that drive home features and benefits of your brand.


We are best known for our creativity, but creativity is not really our goal. It is simply the means to an end. Not the end itself. We exist to help you grow your business.

Talent & Technology

Because of our access to talent and technology, we’re able to deliver tier-1 advertising to the tier-3 advertiser. Our work is executed based on developing a creative strategy that identifies the problem and answers the objection.


Humor Sells More

Many of the most memorable ad campaigns tend to be funny. We use this strategy to attract customers to our clients because, when it's done right, it works.

Cut Through The Clutter

Humor attracts attention and consistently holds the audience for longer periods of time.

Be More More Likable

Humor creates a relaxed, positive mood which increases the consumer’s likability of your brand. There is a 50% increase in likability of a brand when using humor.

Increase Your Brand Recall

Because humor makes a message more memorable, it will be acted upon for a longer period of time. Increase your brand recall by 38% while increasing your message recall by 39% with humorous ads.

Level The Playing Field

By taking a calculated risk with humorous, edgy ads that resonate with the consumer, a smaller company is able to compete with their larger counterparts.

Honest Persuasion

Advertisers seen as willing to laugh at themselves and make light of experiences are perceived as being more honest by consumers. Because humor acts as a distractor, the counter argument is inhibited, resulting in increased persuasion.


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Red7 Creative is a full-service advertising agency, specializing in awesome
creative to set you apart from your competition. Contact us now to get started.